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Joseph Cardo is an Italian fashion photographer, whose black and white portraits became overtime quite his own trademark and signature.
As a teenager, he has always been fascinated by Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue covers, he started studying photography, mostly as autodidact and mainly throughout analogical techniques.   Joseph’s passion became soon a true vocation and, in 1994, he left his native Puglia heading to Milan.

Milan was the place where he began to refine his technique, challenging himself after a careful study of the greatest masters in photography, such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton to name a few. He managed, through his passionate dedication and love for experiments, to define his own touch and philosophy, his personal photographic style and point of view become more precise.
His own “signature” approach is underlined through a very unique and refined use of light and colors, his aesthetics is sober and yet modern.
Joseph likes to call his approach as “non-color”, a language that mirrors the way he expresses himself and talks about himself, trying to maintain his own identity and reliability.   In 2007, he decided that his native Puglia would have been the place to set up his GroundStudio.

Meticulous and attentive to details, Joseph supervises the direction of every shooting and it almost seems to assist to a ritual, a theatrical performance considering the passion he puts into his work. His works regardless whether they are artistic or commercial bear his own signature and relevant marks: “timeless” beauty, seized and immortalized through his empathic relationship with the subject. What stands out in his own photos and outcome is his peculiar uniqueness whether is a commercial spot or a fashion film.   Courage, forwardness, acumen and originality fuel a variety of his collaborations with magazines and brands.
Thanks to his communication and managerial skills not only he made GroundStudio successful, but he built an incredible network of relationship, including famous people in the Show business, Movie Star System along with Sport and Rock celebrities such as, to mention a few, Sharon Stone, Vasco Rossi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Maldini and Buffon.   He collaborates with relevant Brands as well: Armani , Blumarine, Miss Sixty, Guess by Marciano, Borsalino…
In 2013 his works and his artistic content have been extremely appreciated and exhibited in prestigious museums (Balenciaga Museum in Spain).

The worldwide economic scenario is constantly evolving, particularly in advertising, and visual art is more a more interacting with communication, changing therefore its language. Joseph is there, watchful and always in osmosis with all these changes and experimenting art and culture contaminations in his photography.
The photographer from Puglia reached now his artistic maturity and his stylistic approach manages to let canonical beauty and less conventional aesthetics live together. “Disclosure”, a book published in 2017 is a paramount, showing how Fashion industry is evolving.
In this book 27 top models, including Cara Taylor, Stella Lucia Deopito, Soo Joo Park, Ez.
Iconic expressions of their times, represent the new canons of beauty, sort of contemporary “soul chaos”.
Joseph through his own work always analyses how nowadays society is inspiring design, architecture, art, music, literature and cinema.   A real journey that starts from his inner soul and curiosity. He lives between Milan and Puglia.

Joseph Cardo has been represented by Annapia Lorenzi Artist Management in Milan since 2018.

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